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5 reasons to empty your sewage treatment system

5 reasons to empty your sewage treatment system

Maintaining a sewage treatment system is a critical responsibility for homeowners, businesses, and municipalities alike. A properly functioning system helps ensure the safe and effective treatment of wastewater, preventing contamination of nearby water sources and protecting public health. However, even the best systems require periodic maintenance to operate at peak performance. One of the most important maintenance tasks is emptying the system, which involves removing accumulated solids and sludge from the tank or holding chamber.

In this article, we'll explore five reasons why emptying your sewage treatment system is essential for the health of your system, the environment, and your household. From preventing backups and overflows to extending the life of your system, you'll learn why regular emptying is a crucial part of responsible wastewater management.

1. No Unpleasant Odours If You Empty Your Sewage Treatment System

Keeping on top of de-sludging your system means no unpleasant odours escaping! If you can smell unpleasant odours, there is likely to be a problem with your system, so make sure you get it regularly serviced and emptied.

2. Maximum Efficiency

Our tankering partner company will remove up to 1000 gallons of effluent from your system to make sure it is not overloaded, or reducing the performance of your system. This will ensure your system is running to maximum efficiency and not placing excessive wear on parts.

3. Environment Agency Regulations

You are required by law to keep your system appropriately maintained and emptied on a regular basis, and keep a record of all works carried out. You will be liable for a fine from the Environment Agency if you do not address problems that occur as a result of poor maintenance or lack of emptying, such as discharging untreated effluent into a controlled watercourse.

4. Moving Home?

If you choose to sell your property it is a major benefit to potential buyers if you can prove you have ensured appropriate upkeep of your system, and in some cases can attract a higher value for your property. This is another reason to keep full records of any repairs, and it is highly likely your solicitor will ask for copies of all paperwork.

5. Peace of Mind

We take the stress out of emptying, so you don’t need to worry! Our regular servicing customers receive priority assistance, and we have engineers on hand 24/7 to provide advice and support when you need it most.


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