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Septic Tank FAQs


Read on below for answers to frequently asked questions

What's included in my septic tank emptying visit?

Septic tank emptying is an essential aspect of maintaining a functioning septic system. If you are wondering what is included in your septic tank emptying visit, you have come to the right place. When one of our approved partners attends your site to empty (de-sludge) your system, you can be confident that they will deliver an efficient, safe and professional service with no hassle or mess.

Our septic tank emptying service offers a fixed price for emptying based on our tankers removing up to 1000 gallons, depending upon where in the UK the site is. Our tanker will visit your site between Monday and Friday at a time convenient to you. Each emptying visit lasts approximately 30 minutes and will include the efficient and safe removal of effluent.

What is included in my tankering visit?

Following your system being emptied, you will be given a Waste Transfer Note which you must retain for your records. This note will detail the amount of effluent removed, the date of the visit and site details, and is proof to the Environment Agency that effluent was removed by a Licensed Waste Carrier and was correctly disposed of.

What is not included in my tankering visit?

However, there are some instances where your visit may need to take longer than 30 minutes. If your system has been neglected in the past, usually due to infrequent emptying, additional time may be required to complete the job. In such cases, we charge £100 per hour and will require payment upfront for this. The driver on the day will be able to advise on this, and once payment has been received by us, will be able to complete the work.

In summary, our septic tank emptying service offers a fixed price for emptying up to 1000 gallons, efficient and safe removal of effluent, and a Waste Transfer Note for your records. We strive to provide a professional service with no hassle or mess, and we are always happy to work around your schedule to ensure that your septic system remains functional and well-maintained. Contact Clean My Tank today to schedule your septic tank emptying visit.


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