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Clean My Tank offers the best septic tank and cesspit emptying in Dorset. We only use trusted, hand-picked operators at prices that cannot be beaten.


We can cover all situations, from a one-off empty to scheduling regular desludging – septic tank emptying – visits depending on your requirements. This will ensure your septic tank has no smells or that your Sewage Treatment Plant is running to maximum efficiency.   This, in turn, will keep you fully compliant with environmental (EA) regulations at all times.


It is a requirement that whenever you get your septic tank or sewage treatment plant emptied that this is done by an approved and licensed waste disposal company.  A waste transfer note will be provided detailing the quantities of sewage removed and the disposal point. All of the tankers we use dispose of the sewage waste in a legal and environmentally friendly way to comply with statutory regulations.

Tank Emptying In Dorset

PriceFrom £250.00
  • Sizing Your Tank

    The tank sizes are as shown below:

    Up to 1,000 Gallons

    Up to 2,000 Gallons

    Up to 3,000 Gallons

    Up to 4,500 Litres

    Up to 9,000 Litres

    Up to 13,500 Litres

    Small house, 3 bedroom

    Medium house, 4-5 bedrooms

    Typically a large house or business premises

  • Service Conditions

    Please see Section 17 in the Terms & Conditions for full details


Clean My Tank


With years of experience you can trust us to deliver a professional, friendly and prompt service.

Tank bigger than 3000 gallons?

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